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General Information
Mission Statement
Purchase Order
Candidate Reimbursement
Travel Cash Advances
Payment – Check Requests
Guest Speaker / Lecturer Honorarium / Guest Artist Expenses
Replenishing Petty Cash
Registration Fees For Conferences And Workshops
Reimbursements To Employees
Team Or Student Group Travel Advances
Other Types of Transactions & How to Handle Them
Licenses, Membership Dues And Pamphlets
Subscriptions And Periodicals
Renewal Of Maintenance Agreements
Registration Fees For Conferences And Workshops
Prepaid Travel Arrangements
Prepaid Airline Tickets
Reimbursements Of Travel Costs
Stop Payments
Definition Of Credits
Credit Memos
Dealing with Problems

Payroll Accounting

Starting QuickBooks Pro Accounting
Opening QuickBooks Pro Accounting
Identifying parts of the screen
Identifying menus and toolbars
Setting up QuickBooks
Identifying sections
Navigating in QuickBooks
Entering the information
Backup the information
Editing the chart of accounts
Working with a customer list
Working with employee list
Working with a vendor list
Adding custom fields
Managing lists
Printing lists
Working with Customers
Sales Receipt
Sales forms
A/R Register
Memorizing sales
Recording customer payment
Making deposits
Customizing forms
Creating a new template
Designing a custom layout for an invoice form
Using QuickBooks letter
Working with Vendors
Accounts payable
Enter bills
Pay bills
Write checks
Bank accounts
Entering checks directly
Bank account register
Entering a handwritten check
Transferring money between accounts
Reconciling checking accounts
Other accounts
Tracking credit card transactions
Asset accounts
Liability accounts
Analyzing financial data
Creating QuickReports
Preset Reports
Exporting to excel
Creating QuickInsight graphs
Sales tax
Setting up tax rates and agencies
Grouping single tax together
Identifying the most common tax
Indicating who and what gets taxed
Applying tax to each sale
Indicating who and what gets taxed
Determining what you owe
Paying tax agencies
Setting up payroll
Adding payroll items
Setting up employee payroll information
Writing payroll checks
Tracking tax liabilities
Writing payroll checks
Payroll taxes
Printing 940 and 941 forms
Estimating and progress invoicing
Creating jobs and estimates
Creating an invoice form an estimate
Projects reports for estimates
Updating job status

Technical Accounting

Accounting for Business Combinations
Accounting for Derivative Contracts
Accounting for Foreign Operations
Accounting for Income Taxes
Accounting for Share-Based Payments
IFRS – Practical Application and Comparison to U.S. GAAP
New Lease Accounting
Non-GAAP Performance Measures
Revenue Recognition of the Future
Starting QuickBooks Pro Accounting
Statement of Cash Flows

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