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Basic Level
Introduction to Spreadsheets
Understanding Microsoft Excel
Excel Workbook Windows
Basic Spreadsheet Skills
Excel Help System
Opening and Closing Workbooks
Understanding Workbook File Formats
Creating New Workbooks
Selecting Cells
Auto Sum and Auto Fill Function
Cell Referencing and Request
Formatting Cells
Formatting Numbers
Placing Cell Alignment
Cell, Rows and Columns
Understanding Worksheets
Editing, Copying and Moving Cells
Page Layouts in Excel
Proofing Workbooks
Basic Options, Ribbons and Toolbar
Intermediate to Advance Level
Introduction to Excel Spreadsheet Intermediate Level
Defining Names in Excel
Sorting Data
Using Excel Tables
Filtering Data in Excel
Understand Charts
Chart Design Options and Tools
Chart Format Tools
Combo Charts
Functions within Excel
Understanding Date Function
Logical Functions
Financial Functions
Find and Replace
Headers and Footers
Adding Comments
Conditional Formatting
Using Text to Columns
The Paste Special Function
Data Validation
Subtotals and Grouping
Consolidating Data
Using Statistical Functions
Database Functions
Hyperlinks in Excel
Linking Data
Understanding Pivot Tables
Using Pivot Charts
Workbook Properties
Protecting and Sharing Worksheets
Custom Number Formats in Excel

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