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Course Syllabus

Introduction to Basics of Tableau
Connecting to Tableau Server
Performance Optimization
Parallel Query, Data Engine Vectorization, Parallel Aggregation, External Query Caching, Query Fusion Automatic and Custom Split
Joining Tables from Single / Multiple Databases
Using Data Preparation
Blending, Metadata Grid, Pivot, Union, Data Interpreter
Understanding Shadow Extracts, Data Extracts, Connecting File Types
Operations on Data
Filter Data, Sort Data, Build Groups and Hierarchies, Sets
Field and Chart Types
Discrete Vs. Continuous, Measure Names and Values
Making Use of Generated Values
Building of
Histograms, Heat Maps, Tree Maps, Bullet Graphs, Combined Axis Charts, Dual Axis Charts, Scatter Plots, Data Highlighter, Cross Tabs, Motion Charts, Bar in bar Charts, Box Plots, Gantt Bar Charts, Paretos, Sparklines
Usage of Titles, Captions, Tooltips, Editing Axes, Mark Labels, and Annotations
Manipulate String and Date Calculations, Creating Quick Table Calculations, LOD Calculations and their Types, Ad-hoc Calculations, Aggregation Options, Logic Statements, Arithmetic Calculations, Grand-Total and Sub-Total Building
Pan and Zoom Feature, Filtering, Map Layering, Custom Territories, Lasso and Radial Selection
Modifying Locations in Tableau, Import and Export Custom Geocoding, Using Background Image Map and Geographic Search
Using Reference Lines and Bands, Trend Lines and Model, Forecasting, Drag and Drop Analytics, Box Plot, Reference Distributions, Statistical Summary Card, Instant Analytics
Building Dashboards, Dashboard Actions, Publishing and Sharing Options, Device Designer, Creating Drill Down Report, Using Visual Best Practices

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