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Trainer Profile


Jeffrey Levine has quite a diverse educational and professional background.  He has been participating in transformational work for himself and others for 40 years and has undergraduate degrees in Software Engineering and Organizational Management and a Master’s Degree in business psychology.  He is also a doctoral candidate for a Ph.D. in Training and Development.  His Dissertation is on the subject of e-Mentoring and Telecommuting as Computer Programming.

 Jeff is also in the process of becoming a certified practitioner in Traumatic Incident Reduction and Life Stress Reduction utilizing these in his coaching practice. He has taught high school and college classes in the subjects of Psychology, Language Arts, and Communication.  He was an early innovator in social media leading seminars in using social media for business and marketing. 

He is currently coaching and tutoring several clients, teaching classes in English and Communication, and exploring the possibilities of the blockchain and cryptocurrency.  He has been married for 20 years.  He and his wife, Karen, live in San Jose with their two cats: Lucy and Ty.

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